The loss of a Loved One

Ways to Remember

From photo collages at a memorial service to planting a tree, there are many ways we can say, "I remember and loved this person." As you consider how you might want to remember a loved one, here are some ideas to start with.


  • Lighting a candle in memory
  • Creating a memory book of photos of your loved one
  • Donating a gift of money or time to those less fortunate
  • Wearing a photo pin of your loved one
  • Starting a memorial scholarship fund in his name
  • Writing a poem or story about him
  • Visiting a place you both liked to visit
  • Hanging a special ornament on the tree in her memory
  • Playing her favorite music
  • Making a quilt from his favorite clothes
  • Sharing memories of her with friends and family
  • Providing memorial flowers for her at your church or synagogue
  • Creating a memory box of items that were special
  • Honoring his favorite tradition
  • Creating a new tradition in your memory
  • Hanging a stocking filled with loving memories of him
  • Gathering your family and friends together in celebration of him
  • Reading aloud your favorite story

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