The loss of a Loved One

Will we see our Loved Ones again? Will my Loved One go to Heaven?

We here at Beloved Hearts have been asked these questions often. 

Our answer is yes to all the above. If we truly did not believe this, Beloved Hearts would not have been created. Although we are of a Christian background, we refer to scripture here as that that is written in all faiths book of beliefs.

Do you have a passage of scripture you would like added? If so, Email it to us.

Below are some excerpts from Scripture.

The King James Authorized Version, revised and edited by W. C. Sanderson, indicates in a footnote that "soul" or "living being" are alternative translations for "life".

The soul perceives, thinks, feels, and makes decisions and choices. In man, the soul can also cause sin. God gave man the choice to choose sin or righteousness, to worship himself or God.

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