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The loss of a dearly departed loved one is difficult.

I pray Beloved Hearts will provide you with the comfort of knowing you are not alone.



Beloved Hearts is a virtual memorial home for your dearly departed. We invite you to create a Free Beloved Hearts Memorial for your loved one.

You will choose the Memorial Stone and where your dearly departed will reside. You may also place articles, flowers, shrubs, or a candle at your dearly departed's memorial. You can provide an epitaph and stories of the special memories you have of your dearly departed as well as have a picture placed on the Memorial Stone.

You can then return at any time to care for your dearly departed's Memorial. Leave different articles, change the shrubs and flowers, choose the appropriate landscape depending on the season, and provide another story of a special memory.

To begin, please complete the Beloved Hearts Memorial Application below. There is no obligation, this is a free service. All boxes must be filled in though, in order to process your Preview Beloved Hearts Memorial.

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Our Promise to You: At no time will the information you provide to Beloved Hearts be sold, shared, given to, or let be seen by any other organization.

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In what season of Beloved Hearts
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You will be able to change the season at any time at the Guardian Center.
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Memorial Stone to be used:

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Articles you want placed at the Memorial:
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Shrubbery, Potted Plants Articles you want placed at the Memorial:

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Upload a Photo of your dearly departed to the Memorial Stone:
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Special memories about your dearly departed:
Tip: If you have a story already written, copy and paste it into the box below

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What you are reserving a Beloved Hearts Memorial.


If you have a question about a Beloved Hearts Memorial please view our Frequently Asked Question's page.

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