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by victoria glass.........................................

Sweet tears roll off my cheeks
as i cradle your cold hand.
Why must i have all this hurt
Lord please help me understand.
I know i mustn't be selfish
but he was my child to bare.
when i heard no cry come,
I looked to my grandmothers care.
She didn't know what to tell me,
but then again who did?
I listen to all these apologies
for a crime no one could prevent.
I look at your sweet face
as i start to fall apart.
I feel this intense pain
that resides in my heart.
I feel my love for you
and know that it will never change.
I'll never forget the sadness in that moment
that the doctor said it was time to take you away.
This was something no one could protect me from.
A dark place that i came to see
A guilt that i couldn't protect you
A tear of hurt and a life time to grieve.
But just a little while 'til i hold you in my arms again
I love you Carson Max with every bit of love i can give

Comments would be appreciated by the author, victoria glass

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