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by suzanne schultz.........................................

"I'm going to help hand out candy" was the last thing on her mind as she drifted of to sleep. In the wee hours of the morning of Oct 31st 2012 she began her journey. She was standing in the middle of a beautiful field full of flowers. Off in the distance she could see the most beautiful rainbow. "Boy I sure wish Suzanne could see that rainbow. She says that is were Kayla is, the other side of the rainbow'. It was then that she heard the voice of a young child. "Come here Mommy". She turned toward the voice but could not see the child. "Where are you" she asked. "Here Mommy I'm here. "I'm not your Mother but I will help you find her" "I already have" the child said. "That is great. you should always stay with your Mommy or you might get lost." "I've never been lost, I have always been right here". Something was strange she knew that voice though she was sure she had never heard it before. "What is your name" she asked the child. "Oh Mommy you know my name". At that very moment she saw a small dog running toward her. It was Shan, the little dog she had so loved. But that had been over 25 years ago. It just could not be Shan. Then Misty appeard followed by Sheba, Genger, Pepper and Brandy. In the distance she could see Kayla and Sporty. They made no effort to come to her but wagged their tails in joy of seeing her. She called out to them but still they made no effort to come to her. "They can not cross over yet it is not their time."Kayla has to wait for Suzanne and Sporty has to wait for Sandie" the child said. Suddenly she knew who the child was. She began to walk slowly toward the child as he beconed her across the river. As she crossed the river along with the dogs they never got wet. As she stood on the banks of the Jordan River Her son ran to her. It had been 60 years since she had saw him. He had died at birth, Mother and child together again. As she stood there holding him other family members came to greet her. She turned one last time to look back "I love you Sandie and Suzanne. I will be waiting for you. We will be together again in a few days".

In Loving Memory of our Mother
Bertie B. Sasser April 10,1930 to October 31st 2012

Comments would be appreciated by the author, suzanne schultz

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