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My Boy

by sheila francis.........................................

I gave birth to my son when I was 18 and unmarried. He was everything tome. He took away my selfishness and taught me to stop worrying about myself and take care of someone else. My parents gave fantastic support and I eventually married when he was 7. My husband adopted him and was a fantastic father to him. After 8 years of marriage I had a second child and a year later a third child. My eldest son, in spite of himself, grew up with a huge chip on his shoulder. At 31 he married a really dumb woman who was going to be no help to him in his life. They had a child and my son had a good job. Unfortunately he got fired and then started his own business with the help of his birth father. What a disaster .. he lost his home his cars his wife his child and then he developed a tumour in his lung. Stress related... who knows but when they eventually decided to remove it, although it was benign, it had attached itself to his heart and he bled out on the operating table. He died with nothing. His wife of 9 years had never worked.. What a disaster. Every time I am heart sore for myself I am devastated for her and my young grandson. He was 40 when he died and it has been 6 months. I have been doing OK although my body has had some strange reactions. However tonight I cannot stop crying does this happen. Your brain understands but your emotions run riot... look my story is boring compared to what some people go through but it still hurts . I have to say I feel a bit better for just writing this

Comments would be appreciated by the author, sheila francis

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