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lonely grave on the hill

by sarah paquin.........................................

Lonely Grave on the Hill
Sarah Paquin

Lonely grave on the hill, bleak and desolate with winter's chill.
I stand there, my pain and heartbreak for all to see, heeding not
The cold wind blowing about me.
Oh, but cry I must, and cry I will, at the lonely grave on the hill.
For I've lost not only my husband, but my best friend too.
A man whose love was true.
One who always put me first, himself last.
I wrap myself in the memories of the past.
I miss you so much each waking day.
I miss your touch and the little things you would say.
The sharing of what life might bring, the fun we had doing things.
At the zoo or on the beach sand, walking everywhere hand in hand.
With you everything was better, simply because we were together.
The sun is setting, the wind increasing its chill, but still I stand at the lonely
Grave on the hill.
For you tomorrow never came.
But for me life continues on the same.
The wound in my heart is deep and will never heal.
But know my husband, my love is real.
I'll wear your name the rest of my life.
For all of eternity, I'll be your wife.
I touch your grave, and wipe the tears from my eyes.
Then, slowly, I rise.
As I turn to walk away, I promise to come another day.
And bracing myself against the night's chill, I leave my heart
At the lonely grave on the hill.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, sarah paquin

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