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my mom my best friend

by laurel barnes.........................................

My mom just past away two years ago this past january 24. I lived with my mom till the day she died i took care of her as to she took care of me after my dad died many years ago. She had to be two parents after dad died and i know she didn't want to live after her husband died but she went on for me. I miss her everyday i kept the house even though my siblings tried to stop me. I am here with my three kittys how keep me company but i miss a person to talk to. She suffered enough that god took her home. She tried to live her life as much as she could. It was hard that day in january when i had to call 911 because she couldn't breath they came and brought her back but she wasn't truly here she had gone into a coma and never came out of it. All i wanted was for her to open her eyes but she never did. I still wish for the un wishable everyday just to hear her voice again to hear her call my name. But i will go on but she will never be forgotten. My siblings are not speaking to me they say i'm living in the past like my mom did they just don't understand and i don't think they ever will. My mom was a great person and had many great stories to tell about her life it was an amazing life she had mine will never top hers but I did do somethig she had hoped I could do one day was visit the place she lived when she was young in scotland and this year I did so mom i'm ok and i'm living I love you and dad to i'm sorry that i'm not talking to fran and dave but they still can;t see that little sister is alowed to live her life to.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, laurel barnes

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