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Miss you Dad

by karen shedd.........................................

Robert Read 1946-2002

I've put the hurt behind me,
although it took 5 years,
and i've stopped thinking of you, because it always brought me to tears,
i nearly died without you, thinking i couldn't go on,
so putting the thought of you behind me, helped me to move on.

So i stopped constantly visiting your grave,
and I stopped crying every fathers day
and I finally made a concsious choice,
to not think of you in every way,

although that wasn't the answer,
At the time it helped me begin to heal,
because constantly wishing you were here,
began to no longer feel real;

I stopped loving Christmas, and began to despise the holidays,
and every family gathering made the hurt harder to hide away,

Now I need u most, my hero, I'm daddy's little girl,
And going through this without u reminds me your no longer part of this world,

I'm going to have a baby,
a grandchild you should have enjoyed,
Now it's becoming more apparent,
your passing has caused an irreplaceable void.

Dad, I need your blessings, and to feel your constant love,
I need your reassurance, and guidance from above,

I know what kind of "Grampy" I'm sure you would have been,
and that only makes this ache, harder for me to comprehend,
you were A perfect father, and tried to be a perfect man,
but why you decided to give up, I'll never understand,

you fought the tough battle
and i thought u had won,
but in the end,
Part of your spirit was irreplaceable gone,

Those difficult six weeks in the hospital took there toll,
and the life that was left behind was now missing part of it's soul,
I really thought things would work out, in the end,
but with the painful ups and heataching downs,
your heart was no longer able to mend,

I miss you Dad, and need you here,
And at this time, the loss of you is even harder to bear,
You were the best, a truly honorable man.
I just hope my child will understand,
that Grampy might not be here, but sends his love,
and Grampy will never hold him,
but will send blessings from above.

Miss you dad,

Your missing the best part,DAD,
I just wish you'd held on....

Comments would be appreciated by the author, karen shedd

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