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What is the difference Between the Loss of Life

by crystal .........................................

What is the difference between the loss of a life, to lose a wife or husband or son or a daughter, a mother or a father?
Grief is grief and it hurts to the very soul. Everyone is different and one is not worse that the other. Did he die of natural causes, does it matter?

Will it get better, will the pain go away, no, but in time it will fade. Holidays and birthdays are the hardest to get though. Pictures and photographs bring back a new pain, but memories make you ache.

Losing a partner that you had most of your life, or mother or father who came though in the night, losing a child is really hard to do, but life goes on and so should you.

We loved and lost the most precious of gifts, and our hearts are now broken in tiny little bits. The sun will shine and the snow will melt, and life will go on regardless of how we felt.

My son, your father, your wife, your daughter, your husband, your niece, your nephew, and all the others, will be there waiting to catch up on the day,
And when those gates are open all will be forgiven, the hate, the fear, the longing you need. The answers that you seek, for the questions that you asked, will be explained finally at last.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, crystal

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