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my beloved grandma and cookie

by celia gonzalez.........................................

My dear grandmother virginia passed away on feb. 8 1997. She was my only grandmother I had and I cherished her very much.She help my parents raised us six kids while my parents work in the early 1960-70's. My grandmother help all my aunts and uncles with their children as they worked also. My grandmother was a homemker all her life. Her mother died when she was young and was left to help raise her brother and sisters. Her father remarried soon and my grandmother virginia had to help her step-mother, with the chores of the house as her step-mother was expecting a new baby soon. My grandmother never had time for any schooling. In 1927 she turn 15 years old.She married a man who was ten as older than her.
My grandfather Lorenzo and moved in with his mother, my great-grandmother Julia. Lorenzo was laborer and work in the fields harvesting crops and my grandmother pregnet with her first child. Together they had I believe 12 children with two sets of twins. In all, four children had died, three while in their infancy and a teenage daughter in the 1960's. As the years went by, She was Blessed with 39 grandkids. She loved us very much. Never favoring over the other one. she made us feel wanted and important in her life. She also had a strong faith in God.she would tell us about Jesus and his life. Soon she developed very serve arthritis and her life started to slow down. In the 1980's she was bed ridden and no longer able to walk. Her faith grew stronger in God. My grandfather was caring for her but he had diabetes and his health was going poor and he passed away in 1980. My sister and I was left to take care of her. She was in a wheelchair and We loved her very much. She showed us how to make quilts and crafts. She told us how to garden and grew herbs,she told us how to make teas and to make and used home remedies. she told us how to cook and clean and how to sew and mend. and to behave like respectable young ladies. We loved watching evening spanish soap operas, as we laughed at them. Soon I married and moved away and my sister Juanita was finishing school. she could no longer take care of my dear grandmother.So my oldest aunt took her into her home. We would go and visit her as often as we could, but not very much. As we all got caught up in our own lives in raising our own familys .When we went to visit our grandmother Virginia we saw that she was wasting away in her bed,no longer able to move without help. Arthritis had completely taken over her entire body. But not her faith in GOD.It was strong as ever and I love her very much for that. She showed tremendous amount of faith, courage and happiness and she talk about heaven and all the Saints and God's Angels and about Jesus and loving God and his forgiviness to each person who ecepts his love.She was ready to leave this world and she did, she died peacefully on feb. 8, 1997.....
years later 2003 my daughter was given a tiny ceature. it was a small teacup black n white smooth coat female chihuahua for her 18th birthday. I fell in love with her and named her "Cookie" my daughter didnt much take care of her cuz she was enjoying her adulthood of going to school and going out.So I and cared for her. cookie was like a baby to me.Cookie was well trained.she followed me everywhere around the house and watch my every move that i would make. i was never alone.cookie will wait for me to sit down so she can jump on my laps and fall asleep. she was so warm. sometime i would pick her up and hug her next to my chest, cookie would put her head under my chin against my chest and stay there until i put back down onto the floor. I had her for two years until that horrible accident 2005. cookie was asleep on the highback head rest of the couch, when she leap of the couch and landed wrong.she landed head first and broke her neck as i heard a yelp..she went limp and no longer moved i could not wake her and i saw her eyes move up into her head..i knew she was going. my husband took her and said her neck was broken..i said how could that be? Chihuahua have delicate small bones and a heavy head he said.I cried for days.My son took her away and buried our back yard where i have angel satute over her grave, with camomile flowers. about 2008 i had a dream. that my best friend ivited me to a garden party at her house.As I arrived I notice a very beautiful garden with tall trees and beautiful colorful flowers everywhere. Laura was ther to greet me in to the garden as we walked into her garden. I saw more of her guest who i didnt reconized arrived and Laura excuse herself from me, so she can go and recive her guests.I didnt want to be selfish so I let her go. As I walked around amiring the beautiful garden by myself feeling a little unsecure, I felt somebody next to my shoulder. As I turn to see who it was, It was my grandmother Virginia. I was so very happy to see her.We walk down the brick path together. when my grandmother said to me," look down the path, see who is there? confused, I look down the brick path and saw a small black dot getting closer and closer. then i relized it was my be loved cookie!!. she ran and jumped up into my Arms and put her little head beneath my chin against my chest. and i felt her love for me once again..this dream i will never forget and I know my loved ones are waiting for me.I thank my grandmother Virginia for this wonderful gift she sent me. As she has never met Cookie before. for I truely believe there is a heaven and a rainbowbridge thank you for reading my story, May God Bless you always.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, celia gonzalez

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