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true love seven years later

by ZHOU FEI.........................................

Once I know nothing
For my parents had their only daughter
For they love and protect me so much,
When we date,
Parents follows us

Then my father was ill,
They think they couldn't protect me so long,
I marry with you
Not so long, my parents were dead,
I no longer talk with you, Immersed in dole

Time flies, Seven years later
You plan to devorce and call me, and not to love me for the rest
I am not grieved,
Even happy no body to interrupt me
For miss my parents in the paradise

One day I went out the house,
See the world and our son,
Learn to communicate with others,
Know you work hard to support the family and the company,
I am afraid to devorce

Then I want to be a good mother and wife,
I know you love me
I try my best to make you know my ideas
Even I take my good looks to allure me,
For good luck, you never forget me

We take seven years to find true love,
Even the time is long,
But we find

Comments would be appreciated by the author, ZHOU FEI

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