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the brave little girl

by Xena McAulay.........................................

i volunteer of Relay For Life where i live it was for the American Cancer Society i was told that this dog was there the hole day so when i had a break i went over and gave her some TLC i meet a girl there named Sarah and we both felt bad that no one tryed to give the dog water or food so i got a cup and gave her some water and i named here Xena because she has been out there for a while no one wanted her so Sarah and i took care of her untill we could find someone that could take her i volunteer for dog rescuring so i was hoping the lady i work with could help but i could not get a hold of her i tryed the police but they said they would try to come out and get her they never show up so Sarah tryed to get her to eat and she would not eat she would drink water so i told my dad about Xena when my dad saw her we think she was out there for about a weekk and we took her home and made our bathroom her home and during the day she would lay on the beds or on the floor she did not like to be alone for now i taught her to walk on a leash and she did run a little we figure she was about 4 month old she still has her baby teeth she was ok Sunday but Monday i went to check on her in the morring and she finllay went to the bathroom and did both and it was not good she had worms the day befor we gave her medican for worm then she went down hill from there she did not feel good she throw up everytime she had water this was not good we kept on trying to feed her she still would not eat then she had accient in the house she had diarrhea and there was blood and it smelled really bad wecalled the lady that we volunteer for told us she might have Parvo ( Parvovirus ) and told her and she told us to take some to the vet my dad did that and i went outside with Xena and our roommate started to clean the mess up with bleach and we clean everthing she was on or touch we have dogs of our own my dad came back and told us the bad new it was parvo and it was bad so my dad took her to the shelter and they tryed to help her but she passed people ask me was it worth all the work and i said yes it gave a Xena a second chance at live and she was happy and she knew she was with people that love her and i belive she when she passed she was going to a better place where she would be happy and not sick we called her Xena Warrior Princess because she was a fighter she will alway have a place in my heart and with my family

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Xena McAula

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