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My Garndparents

by Wanda Steele.........................................

My Grandparents

She is a strong and virtuous woman,
A woman of majestic stature,
She is the rock that I build my soul upon,
Her prayers uplift me and heal me,
She is my conscience,
She is the one who opened my eyes to God,
She is Grandma.

I remember fondly the times that I have spent with her,
And regret that the time could not have been more,
I see love and light in her eyes,
I smell homemade fudge.
I taste delicious macaroni and cheese and fried chicken in her home,
An immaculately clean home bursting with love.

I see Granddaddy in her eyes,
My granddaddy-
A dignified and trustworthy man,
A man whom no other man can match,
I remember the smell of the tobacco in the barn,
The feel of the hay under my bare feet,
I remember riding in the wooden wagon,
Admiring my granddaddy as he toiled in the soil,
I remember sitting on a rock in the creek with my sister,
While my granddaddy killed a black snake.

I remember walking the land of my grandparents' farm,
The beauty and the splendor of nature brought me closer to God,
Christmas was not Christmas -
without a freshly cut tree from that land.

If no other blessings be bestowed upon me,
I thank God for honoring me with my grandma and my granddaddy.
Their souls are as one-
Awesome angels eternally united in love and light-
Eternally bringing healing to every life that they have touched.

My granddaddy said it best:
"Heavenly Father thank you for this food and all of our many blessings."
I thank God for the bread of life,
I thank my grandma and my granddaddy for the lessons that they have taught me,
I thank them for teaching me to love.

In Jesus' name I pray,
Heavenly Father please hear my prayer,
Mend my grandma's aching bones,
Let her walk again in your stead,
Bless her and take the suffering away,

With eternal love, I am

Your granddaughter,

Wanda Kay Steele
July 23, 1996

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Wanda Steele

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