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Daddy's Love

by Vicky .........................................

Last year my father passed away on June 12th of a heart attack. He had a long hard struggle but fought the whole way with each passing day. He was the best father he knew how to be. He had a hard life from birth. He was a blue baby and the doctors sent him home to die, but he God had plans for this baby and he won the fight. Then as years passed and he grew into his teen years he went through the windshield of a car and cut his throat and again was told he'd not live. God wasn't ready for him to come home and again he lived. Years later he was in a motorcycle accident and again told he'd die, and again he lived. Then many many years later at the age of 52 he suffered a heart attack and medically died three times on the way to the hospital and once in the cath lab. God still wasn't ready for him to go home and after three months in the hospital he came home. God put him through these tough times to make him stronger and to make him realize that his life was still full of much to come and rewards. After his illness my father and I became very close, we went everywhere together, and got reaquianted. My father (during my teen years was a drunk) but God took that away from him and gave me back the father I missed so much. I miss him still today but am so thankful to the time we had together before his passing. His family misses him dearly. And his wife still grieves for him in her heart every day. But she knows he accepted the Lord and she will see him again some day.

I hold dear to my heart the memories of all the years of growing up and with all the family camping trips, the bowling tournaments and the skating trips as well. Not to mention all the fishing trips and long rides in the country.

Daddy we love you and miss you very much and can't wait to see you again when we come to join you.


Comments would be appreciated by the author, Vicky

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