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"Lights Of Love"

by Tommy Patrick.........................................

Can you see our candles
Burning in the night?
Lights of love we send you
Rays of purest light.
Children we remember,
Though missing from our sight.
In honor and remembrance
We light candles in the night.

All across the big blue marble,
Spinning out in space,
Can you see the candles burning,
From this human place?

Oh, angels gone before us,
Who taught us perfect love,
This night the world lights candles
That you may see them from

Tonight the globe is lit by love,
Of those who know great sorrow.
But as we remember our
Let's light one candle for

We will not forget,
And every year in deep December,
On Earth we will light candles
As........................we remember.


Every December, The Compassionate Friends holds a worldwide candle
lighting ceremony in honor of "OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN" who are gone but not
forgotten. It is at 7 PM in every time zone, on the 2nd Sunday of every December; creating a 24 hour memorial for "OUR ANGELS." Please light a candle on 12 December 2010 at 7 PM Local for one hour.

"With Love And Memories Of My Youngest Daughter Carmelita."

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Tommy Patrick

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