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My Pa

by Teresa Ingersoll.........................................

My Pa, Cameron Ervin, was such a GREAT role model!!!! He did so much in his life that I admire so much!! When he was 18, he joined the Navy and was in the Korean war. He then became a police officer for Washington D.C. and then moved to Los Angeles where he also was a police officer. Eventually, he moved to Salinas, CA where he made up the program, which still is part of the courses offered at Hartnell college, in criminal justice. He went to college and earned his Masters degree (1 unit away from his PHD). He also was president of the Santa Rita district school board. After retiring, he moved to El Dorado Hills, CA where he then got his real estate license and sold properties and homes. WOW, most people have only one of these as a lifetime career, but my dad was very educated and enjoyed working to provide his family with such nice things. I am SO PROUD of everything he has done!!! My son, Nathan, admires him as I do!!! He was such a GREAT husband, father, and grandfather. On June 19, 2004, I lost my dad (I called him Pa). It tore my life and my families lives apart!!! I still can't believe he is gone!! It HURTS SO MUCH not to be able to see him or hug him!!! This has been the most difficult thing I have ever gone through!! I just wanted to let others know what a SPECIAL person my dad was!!! He left wonderful memories that I will cherish forever!!! Pa, THANK YOU for giving me so much growing up and being such a GREAT dad!!! We will ALWAYS appreciate everything you've for us!!!!! Nathan will always remeber "Gimme 5". We ALL MISS and LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Love, your baby girl,

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Teresa Ingersoll

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