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Losing Lane to suicide

by Tasha wills.........................................

Lane was always a high spirited person. And who would some to think of him to be suicidal or would even want to take his own life. we had grown to know one another in a short period of 13 months or so. It was love at first sight. I and him had made the choice to split up because we wasnt seeing one another no more and was better off friends. But in time we both ealized we was wrong. we was meant for one another and we was one anoter soul mates. But by the time we realized it he had tooken his life. I guess he was ready to leave this old world where he was full of pain and saddness. He had told me always that e never knew why he was here or whay he was ever born. But all I know is who ever loses thier love to suicide or a loved one it really tears up your life. Lane was a father to our son even though he was only a step dad. I seen where my son was the joy in his life. I had realized god only sent him in my life for a short time. And it was to giveme and my son a better chance at life. Just because Lane is gone, doesnt mean i cant still have a better life because I can. Lanes death has caused me a great deal of greif and pain. But never loss of love. and never caused any hatred. I will always miss him and I will always love him dearly. The ones he left here behind will reunite with him on the otherside some day. but until then I gotta move on and enjoy the others parts in my life.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Tasha wills

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