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Please Mommy Let Me Breathe Again

by Tandy Braid.........................................

Please Mommy help me breathe again

When does the hurt and ache go away?
I am so sad your gone each and every day.
When I look in Cameron's blue eyes I see you-
Oh how could a loving God take you?
Didn't he know I am not ready yet?
That my life is still mixed up, with many regrets?
You showed me that my children come first-
But right now I am just feeling damned and cursed.
Please Mommy help me breathe again-
With the support of family and friends.
If there was something I could do or give to bring you back-
I'd do it in a heartbeat and that is a fact.
Please help me Mommy to breathe again-
Cuz you weren't just my Mommy
but my very bestest friend.
I know if I said I wanted to go-
You'd tell me "no" you've got babies to grow.
So you move on now to your place in the sky
I'll see you soon enuff, though I am still going to cry!

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Tandy Braid

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