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by Suzanne Schultz.........................................

There are so many things I want to tell you. But I am not sure I have the time. From the first time I saw you I knew I wanted to spend my life with you. When you asked me to be your wife I was so happy. We bought that house and soon welcomed baby Elizabeth into the world. She was our pride. Then baby Joey came along two years later. He looks so much like you. I always tought we would grow old together. But I know now that is not to be. If your reading this then you already know that a plane has hit the World Trade Towers. There is total panic here. There is false hope that we will be rescude. I am above where the plane hit and the olny way out is up. But there will be no roof rescue. I know there is no way a chopper can land up there in all this smoke and fire. Yes I am scared but I close my eyes and see you with the kids. When you put Elizabeth to bed tonight let her hold that old doll of mine. You know the one she is always trying to sneak off our bed. Let Joey have his bottle if it brings him comfort. Tell them Mommy loves them very much. Tell them I will always be near. As for you Joe, know I loved you with all my heart. Do not morn my death but rejoice in my life. The children will need two parents when you feel the time is right you have my blessing to move on with your life.
I do not think the building will be standing much longer. So I am dropping this letter out the window and pray the wind carries it to you.
I'LL see you on the other side my love
Love you with all my heart

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Suzanne Schultz

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