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Layne How Soon They Forget

by Suzanne Schultz.........................................

Its funny how one day you are a healthy young man and dying the next. That's the way it was with Layne. He had a wife and three wonderful children. He loved church. He enjoyed hunting and fishing. Then he got the news he had cancer. There was little they could do for him. He was going to die.
Layne and I grew up together. He was the little brother I never had. Our dads were brothers. Then one day our dads had a huge fight. From that day on Layne and I never saw each other much. We never found out what the fight was about. I was 8 years older than Layne. I finished school and moved away. I got married and had 2 children. I wrote Layne some but there was that fight hanging in the air. It was not our fight yet we were the ones to suffer. Time marches on. Layne got married and had kids of his own. Then we got the call that Sammy, Laynes brother was found dead in his house. Sammy was older but Layne had been his rock. Sammy left behind a daughter and 17 year old son. Layne now became a stand in father for them. Mom went to Sammy's funeral. Mom had not seen Layne in years. Layne was so happy to see mom. He asked about me. My health was bad and I lived out of state. Two years later Sammys son would once again go to a funeral but this time it would be for his uncle. I had planned to go see Layne as soon as I got a new car. I still lived out of state and needed a good car to make the trip. Layne died just a day or to after I got my car. I never got to see him. When I got the news that he had died I lost it. I have cried so much. I still do . Finally my husband and I made the trip up home on the 4Th of July of this year. I went straight to the grave yard. My baby brothers grave was right next to Laynes. My brother died at birth so Layne filled his place. I placed flowers on my brothers grave. Laynes grave was unkept. There were what use to be live flowers but had long since died in front of his headstone. The grass had grown up in front of the head stone. I sat and cried my heart out. It was as if they had just forgot him. No one seemed to care anymore.
Today I still cry for him. I hope that this will help me in my grief. To be able to talk about Layne. The world may have forgotten him, but I never will. I can't,he needs me to let people know that he was special, that he was somebody. Even in death he should be remembered.

Layne may you rest in peace. I love you little brother. I always have, I always will.


Comments would be appreciated by the author, Suzanne Schultz

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