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Feather Of Love

by Suzanne schultz.........................................

My sister Sandi has been a kindergarten teacher in the public school system for years, and loves it. She is always talking about the kids and how cute they are. But a couple of years ago she told us of a little girl who had just recently lost her mother to breast cancer. This child was not in my sisters class but Sandi knew her well. Every year a few days before school lets out for the summer the kindergarten classes graduate. Family and friends come and watch the children. That year this little girls grandmother and dad came to see her graduate. All went well untill after all the family and friends went home. The children were all outside playing and haveing fun. That is when this little girl could no longer hold back the tears. She had seen all the other Mommys at school and she wanted hers. She stood between Sandi and her teacher and begged them through tears for her mother. The other children wanted to know what was wrong with her. Some of the children tried to get her to play with them. The longer she stood there the harder she cried and the more she begged. Sandi finally pulled herself away and went to her class room to try to figure out how to help this child. There lying on her desk was a large white feather. The children had made a project with feathers a few days ago and this was a left over feather. Sandi took the feather and went to this little girls classroom and placed the feather in her chair. Sandi told her teacher what she had done. When the children came in from playing they all went to their seats. When this little girl went to her seat she found the feather and asked her teacher why it was in her seat. The teacher smiled and told her that her mother had come to see her graduate and the feather was from her mothers angel wings. It was a gift her mother had left her. This child was beyond happy. She showed the feather to anyone that would look at it and tell them it was from her mother in heaven. She ran up to my sister and showed the feather to her, She said look what my mama left me. This little girl went home and told her grandmother and dad that her mama had come to school and left her a gift. The next day this childs grandmother asked her teacher who put the feather in her seat. She said that it had helped her granddaughter so much. The little girl had placed the feather in a special place in her room.
The bond between a mother and child is hard to break. Even in death this little girl knows her mother loves her. I hope this white feather brings years of confort to a child who had to say goodbye to her mother way to soon.
Breast cancer can strike at any time, at any age, at any race. It claims lives leavening behind a family to grieve.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Suzanne schultz

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