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Boyfriend's Leave.

by Summer Wilder--Blake.........................................

My boyfriend, Ashton, was tragically and purposely hit by a car 5 months ago. It took me a while to get over it and I'm not even fully healed yet. I grieved for months. People kept telling me to move on and such but it was kind of hard with a memorial of him in the halls of our school. The person who hit him and many others is still being searched for. I miss Ashton so much, I've tried to commit suicide multiple times so I could be with him. Sometimes I believe I'll never see him again. He was very popular so most everyone in our school is grieving. But there's another certain reason why I was grieving the most, besides the fact I was his girlfriend, he saved me. The car the ran him over was aiming for me, according to nearby footage, but he saved me. People say that our story is a lot like Romeo and Juliet. Romeo dies and Juliet kills herself for him. So what I'm going to tell you all is think of where your dead loved one is now. A better place. No more pain, no more suffering, and love. Think of how happy they are now. Don't try to bring them back or kill yourself to be with them. Just love them, and never stop. I know someday I'll move on. But that day just isn't today.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Summer Wilder--Blake

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