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Missing you brother

by Stacy Morehead.........................................

Brother the days keep going bye without you the pain seems to be more intense everyday. I keep waiting for you to knock on the door or to get the phone call from mom telling me to hurry and get to her house that you are there. For some reason Zach this hasn't happened yet. I keep putting on my happy face day after day for everyone to see but at night when i'm all alone I just sit there and cry. Remembering all the stuff we did last summer and how I will never have that time with you back again.I keep going back to the last day i saw you and saying did i tell him i loved him....I didn't!!!!!!Why did't i say it is all i keep thinking.I know why its because I never thought then that it would be the last time i saw you. Although i have to say the hardest part is wiping the tears away from the eyes of my children and seeing the pain mom is in. She will never be the same again no matter how hard i try to make her laugh or smile she will always be sad. And that hurts little brother. I bet you never thought you being gone could cause so much pain for so many people. It will be a very long time before i see you again. But I will!!!!! I Love you so much and i hope you new that. Sissa

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Stacy Morehead

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