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Summer, your mom needs your help to pull through

by Shaun Goodman.........................................


Dear Summer,

We miss you. We all love you. I wish I had known what would come. I would have done so many things differently. Looking back, I wonder if I had got you signed up to work for me up here in Blaine if I would be writing this letter at all. Maybe you wouldn’t have had that time to meet the one you believed you had found love with. The one who helped take you away.

I know you didn’t mean for this to happen Summer. I know you never wanted to leave your mom alone in this world. I know she meant everything to you. And her happiness was your happiness. So I’m writing this letter to you, dear beautiful Summer, to ask a favor of you;

Summer, your momma is hurting. Your mom is scared. She feels alone. Even though I’m here for her, it doesn’t help her from feeling alone. Because you were her everything. She is in so much pain. She fights every day the urge to join you in heaven. But I know you know just like I do Summer, that your mom’s time here on earth isn’t over yet. She’s meant to go on and be the best grandma little Emmie and soon to be a second granddaughter could ever want. I know just yesterday little Emmie pulled out her treasure chest and said to your brother “Nana gave this to me”.

Summer, please help me. Please tell your mom, that you’re ok. That there is peace there. Please tell her to go on with her own life, enjoy the many adventures she has still to experience. Because you want to experience them with her. Please let her know that you don’t want her to join you just yet. Tell your mom that you love her. And that you love her alive. I can’t do it alone. I need your loving help ❤️

Thank you Summer. I miss you. I will forever be sad myself that I couldn’t watch you grow and become the woman you were meant to become. But I know that I see you everyday in your mom. And that is special to me. So please Summer, tell her she has to make it. For me, for her granddaughters, and for YOU.

Until I write again, I love you Summer

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Shaun Goodman

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