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by Samantha Sarrasin.........................................

"Honey, I have to take your grandpa to the hospital," Grandma said. "No, no," I said, "We were having fun, will he be okay?"
"Let's hope," Said grandma. That was right after my 4 year-old sister was born. He stayed in the hospital for long months, I brought him pictures and such while we were visiting, then, when my vacation was over, my mom went back to North Carolina (we lived in FL and still do now) Before we left, grandpa said, "Sam, I promise you, I'll be okay, we'll plant those tomatoes together, and, we should get a dog build-a-bear, and name him Bones," ...I still have those tomatoes, and I made a dog build-a-bear named Bones, alone. We all left, thinking that he WOULD get better, but when he got too worse, my mom (his oldest child) flew back alone. I called her everyday asking, "Is he still alive?" Then, about a month later or something, I asked, "Is grandpa still-" and my mom said, "No, I'll be home in a few days," I was happy that my mom was coming home, but the saddest ever to know that was was dead. Mom said that the doctors came to his room that morning and his heart wasn't beating. About 2 years after that, I made the dog Build-a-bear. Now, 4 years later, he haunts me. He's in my mom's dreams, he flickers the lights, he pushes the buttons on my sisters "Little people zoo" that makes the animal noises. My mom one told me she had a dream that she was at a party, with people she knew but haven't seen in a long tme, and on a couch, was grandma, and beside her, was grandpa, and they were all telling her that grandpa's death was all a joke! And grandpa gave her a big hug, then she woke up, and she could FEEL his hug, his big, bear, hug. She was crying in her bed, then she tried to go back to sleep, a hanger "fell" off the door at the end of the bed, then, one it sounded more like it was "thrown". She knew it was grandpa, telling her it was all ok. So, the just went onto the computer to play little games, and she torned the light all the way on, she played for a while, then the light went off, she turned it back on, went to the computer, and it came back off, this repeated many times until she finally got off the computer and went back into the bed, the hall light was on, but barely, then it flickered on and off, by itself, she tried to ignore it and went back to sleep a long while later. It was pretty weird. Well, that's my story, and it's a pretty sad one. My grandpa is not a resident in the beloved hearts cuz I don't wanna pay for it sorry. Neither is my cat, Bob, he has a story in the rainbow bridge. Hope you think of "ghosts" differently, cuz THEY ARE REAL.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Samantha Sarrasin

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