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Missing Momma

by Roni Freels.........................................

Its been two years since momma went home to be with God and with daddy, the man she loved more than her own life.
Momma was loved by everyone she met. She enjoyed her life as best she could after daddy left to go to heaven when she was only fifty years old. Momma lived a lonely life after daddy left, but found joy in her three grandson's, her church and her many friends.

Momma was sick with Lewy Body Dementia for five years. It came on suddenly and robbed her of her freedom to think. She had to go into a care facility due to the dreadful enemy that took her mind away.

Momma loved her home and every year in the Spring she began preparing her yard for the many flowers that would bloom all summer. Her favorites were Impatients. During the cold winter month of January and after she had to leave her home to go to the nursing home, I stopped by the old home place. I noticed something in the yard and shined my car lights on the object to see what it was. Growing through the snow was one lonely Impatient fighting against the cold to survive.

I thought of the many loney nights momma had spent alone, and how she had survived the cold lonliness. She is at rest now, and in the care of her Father. She loved the Lord with all her heart. Momma is happy celebrating her two years in heaven...but what about me? I am left an orphan, and the time without momma and daddy has taken it's toll. Daddy died in 1973. He was 51. Momma never dated or remarried after daddy, she stayed true to their love until she was 90, and then she went to spend eternity with him.

Her leaving has taken a toll on my life. She was my strength, my counselor, my best teacher, my friend and sometimes my enemy, but she was my momma. Life without talking to her on the phone, or stopping by to see her is never again going to be the same. I will forever miss her and long to see her. I wrap myself in her robe imagining I can feel her arms around me. There was never a touch like the touch I received from momma, never a hug or a smile that could come close to hers.

Life must go on for me. Life without momma is hard, but somehow we manage to survive. She does not want to, nor will she ever come back to me, but I can go to her.

I miss you momma, and love you in death as I did while you were here with me. I concentrate on the words you often said, "Be still and wait upon the Lord." See you one day momma in your heavenly home.

You are so missed by many...especially me your daughter, Roni

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Roni Freels

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