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I'll love you beyond forever

by Remy Balonon.........................................

My Darling Karen (Doe),

Each time I see an elderly couple lovingly assisting each other as they stroll down the street. I think of what could have been. I think Doe that could have been us 20 - 30 years from now. Each time I see a couple in love I think of us. I miss holding you in my arms and telling you how much I love you. I miss that loving look you gave me each time I tell you I love you and when I don't even say a word. I miss our sweet voice as you speak those wonderful words I love you. Although you are home now with our Lord Jesus I still feel your love just as the warm sun hits my face. I dream of the long embraces we had and our dreams of the future. I miss all the secrets we shared. You need not worry my darling all your secrets are locked forever in my heart and soul. My favorite principle of Attitudinal Healing is the 11th. "Since love is eternal death need not be viewed as fearful." I do not fear death for I know when the Lord calls me home we will be together again. We will be together beyond forever. Without all the things that encumbered us on the frail and faulty planet called Earth. I love you my darling. I am blessed in the knowledge that you still love me. I feel your love with every breath and each beat of my heart. I'll love you beyond forever. Love Remy (Rembo)

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Remy Balonon

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