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Oscar Returns

by Oscar DeFrancisco.........................................

When my sweet baby boy was laid to rest I never felt so much sorrow. I loved him so much. I prayed for him several times each night to come and visit me. I read a book about losing your pet and it said that animals try to come and contact you somehow. Sometimes they do it through nature, which would be a butterfly or a bird. So, after reading that, ironically I was cleaning my house and a beautiful butterfly came flying by me, almost showing off a little as he sped by my body. I glanced at first and thought "NO WAY", I must be imaging things. Then I heard a scream, and my aunt who was helping me clean yelled "A bird just flew in the house!!!!". I looked over the fireplace, and sure enough there was a bird in the house.
Then at that very moment I knew my Oscar was talking to me and telling me that he was okay. Since I wasn't totally convinced by the butterfly; Oscar made sure he made me beleive by sending in the bird. Thank You Oscar for coming to Mommy. AS ALWAYS, YOUR A GOOD BABY!!!!!!!!!

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Oscar DeFrancisco

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