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Mom and Dad . don't know what to do with out you.

by Molly Maloney.........................................

Hi dad, Hi mom, I do not know what to do with out you, every day is hard for me, living with out you. I love both of you very much. Thank god, that I have, my lilac blue pointed Siamese cat as my pet. She is very good company. She cheers me up when I am sad. It has been hard for me to not be chatting with both of you on the phone, every other day.
all that i do during the day is clean my home, be with my cat, living in my apt. When I( am not busy cleaning my home, I end up missing you.
Some days I end up in tears missing you, during the day, or at night time. I just cant' stop. Some time I feel that I have lost it. In spite of my loneliness with out you, I think I will be all right? I am happy that you and dad are resting in peace with the good Lord.

After your death in October 14,2015, I went on a 7 day cruise with Lynn Duerr. We went on a cribbrian cruise on November 17, 2018. We went to the Cayman Sturrip Island and went swimming in the sea.Then we had one day at sea. Then we arrived to Jamaica, went on Dulphine experience . I petted a dolphin, shake hands with the dolphin. We went to the famous
Dunn's River Falls. then cruised to Cozumel Mexico, went shopping at the pier. we had one day at sea again on was time for us to return home on Saturday I felt you spirit was with me at Cozumel Mexico.

when I returned home from my cruise vacation, every thing started up all over again, I started up again in tears because I miss you mom and dad. Will this go away crying just about every day? I feel that I am on a rollercoster. Is it normal? Please tell me dad and mom spirit let me know. How long will this last? Pray for me that this grieving your loss will go away, that I will get back to my regular way f life, with out mourning the loss of you all. All of my 4 brothers are doing ok. I think it is time I move on to my life with out you mom and dad. I miss both of you very much dad and mom, May you rest in peace with the Lord. when the time comes, When the Lord calls me home, I will be resting in peace with the lord next to you all. good bye for now mom and dad. I will be ok, I promise you. all my Love to both of you, say Hi to Jesus and the blessed Mother Mary, Saint Joseph for me mom and dad All my love mom and dad.
All my love, your daughter Molly

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Molly Maloney

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