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I'll Never Stop Missing You

by Micheala Ortiz.........................................

Each day that has passed makes it a little easier to deal with the pain. Though you will never be forgotten. I'll never stop missing you. You were my little angel from the day we met. God decided it was time for you to be his little angel. I didn't think the pain would ever get better. I have learned over the years to be thankful for the 10 months and 19 days God allowed you to be my angel. When he took you to be with him you were just starting to walk and talk. You brought so much sunshine to my life. I'll never stop missing you! If it hadn't been for your older brother I would of laid right down next to you. Big brother still talks about you to everyone and anyone who will listen. Not a single new friend or aquaintence doesn't know your name. We often wonder how it would of changed our lives if God hadn't chose you. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you or talk about you even after all these years. We'll never stop missing you! Grandma still proudly show off your pictures. Grandpa still has a hard time with the fact God needed you more. At least we have many good memories of the time we had you in our lives. So while your sitting on Great Grandma's lap or playing with the angels. Remember we'll never stop missing you until the day we are reunited.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Micheala Ortiz

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