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I Promise.....

by Melissa Sturtevant.........................................

The days keep passing by, my heart broken in two, the 1/2 I have is crushed, the other 1/2's with you. Will there ever be a day, the tears no longer come, will I get to see you again, to your open arms I'll run. Are you looking down upon me, do you see me in this place, promise you'll always be there, even though I cant see your face. I promise to hold your love, for it will always be as strong, I promise to never forget us, our memories will always live on. You were the closest friend I ever had, death cant take that away, your soul and my soul are connected, and forever that will stay. Years ago we made a promise, and forever I promise to keep, and it will come true in the blink of an eye, when I rest for my eternal sleep. But as for now, the days pass slow, I get confused, I'm at a low. One day at a time, or whatever it may seem, I just wish I could wake up, this has to be a dream.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Melissa Sturtevant

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