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For My Nan

by Lynsey Matthews.........................................

As a child, I looked up to you
Loved, cherished and respected you too.
As an adult, my love did only grow
Yet I cannot recall if I ever told you so.

You were a guiding light to me
In a world of darkness, you helped me see
Used your knowledge to guide me through
Led me away from darkness to blue.

You were a wonderful woman with a bright red mack
Who I adored and who loved me back
You will always mean the world to me
Everything I achieve I hope you see.

I have been told that I act like you
In everything I say or do
That in itself is an honour to me
I hope I make you proud, however I choose to be.

It used to take you three hours to go to the shop
No difference whether it was bottom or top
There was always someone that you knew
So you had to chat for an hour or two.

As a child, I admit it was a bore
As I stood by your side thinking how much more?
But now I would give anything to be by your side
On a walk to the shop, head held high with pride.

It really hurts and it stings like a knife
But I am determined to live my life
In honour of you, my brave nan
To do you proud, I hope I can.

I know Tess is up there guiding you through
Until we join the two of you
I know you are now way up high
So the time has come to say goodbye.

I love you Nan!

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Lynsey Matthews

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