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'My Soul Mate' John

by Lynn Hogg.........................................

I wrote this poem many years ago. I never showed it to anyone and hoped one day to read it to my husband, maybes our 25th wedding aniversary.

My Soul Mate 'John'

Before we were put upon this earth,
We used to play together,
Until one day you disappeared and was given to your mother.

A year, a month and one day later, the Lord created me,
To live my life for twenty years, with the love of all my family.

And then one day, we met again, it had to be by fate.
For that day, I realized, I'd re-met my one true love, my best friend, my beautiful soulmate.

Lynn xxxxxx

(I met John in 1990, he was 21 and I was 20, we married in 1996. John passed away 2008, he was 40 years old. I read this poem to him in the hospice just after the doctor told us John had days to live)

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Lynn Hogg

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