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I am lucky

by Leigh Anne Kennemore.........................................

I just wanted to say a few words about my Dad and Mom. I can't express just how blessed my brothers and sisters and myself are to have our parents. They were strict but they were fair with us.

My parents were older when I came along, and of course, growing up we had our share of run ins. I used to think that they were the meanest people in the world when I didn't get to go and do things with my friends, but, looking back and being a parent myself, I realize just how smart they were and how well they looked out for us.
I see people that I grew up with having trouble with their lives and I know I could be in their shoes if I had just been turned loose to do what I wanted. For their caring enough to tell us no, I want to thank them.

We had to work hard, and we didn't have the best of everything, but, my parents always showed us how much they loved us. I know they did without things they needed to give us things that we wanted, and again I say thank you.

My father died on Oct. 10, 1976 and my mother died on Oct. 6, 2004. They were the rock that my family was built on and even though they both have been gone awhile, I still like to think that they see us and know that they are missed, and how much they were and still are loved.

I just wanted to pay tribute to them in the only way I knew how, and tell others that one day they will look back and realize that our parents were always looking out of us. That even though they said no to things that we wanted to do, it wasn't because they wanted to be mean, but, because they loved us and they could see the danger in things we couldn't see. Always remember that!!

Mom and Dad, we all miss you and love you.

Love the Wilson Children

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Leigh Anne Kennemore

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