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My Guardian angel

by Laura Toohey.........................................

You are my Guardian angel
But I cannot help but miss you...
I'm sorry I didn't get to see you one last time
Before you went
I know you've been gone for awhile
But the pain keeps coming back
I would've given you my life if God had given me the chance
Sometimes I feel you next to me
Like a spirit or something
God needed you more in Heaven; he had a job for you
Why god? Why Andy? He didn't deserve to die
At least you died in peace in the arms of people who love you
When the air hockey puck "fell" off the air hockey table
Or when the plastic drink bottle "fell" off the fridge
I knew you were trying to say everything was going to be okay
You really were the best friend I could ever have
Please, wait for me in heaven
Until the day we meet again, I know you're watching over me
The times we shared together will never be forgotten
You were the best thing that had happened to me
Thank you for being such a special friend to me

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Laura Toohey

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