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47 years is a long time

by Kathy Weisman.........................................

How do you say good bye to a Friend of 47 years?
I learnt this morning of Sue's passing.
This woman was a " wonder" about 10 years ago she
had two major Open Heart Surgeries that she died on
the Operating table twice...But they got her back.
She was left with renal failure , and had dialysis
three times a week..
She never wanted to go to a Nursing Home at the age
of 64.. she went into heart failure about three weeks
ago and been in a step down unit of a hospital.
Sue was there then my Mom died then I was 23 years old
and I was there then her Dad died a year later.
We were both too young to had lost a parent..
On November 6,1971 Sue and I traveled to Cleveland
Ohio to See Elvis Presley in concert.. We still talked
about that concert to she went into the hospital the last
time.. It was a memory we will never forget.
Her brother had legal trouble and spent 20 years in
prison.. I was there to listen to all of the issues
they had this his release.. People make mistakes , but
do not hold it against them or the family.
Her brother died suddenly about 2 years after being
released.. Sue has now joined him.
Her mom died about 2 years ago, and Sue found in
cleaning her house her mom in a box had numerous
newspaper clipping of death notices, marriages and
etc. Including my parents and our wedding..
Sue fought a long hard fight. She did not give up
she enjoyed life to the full..
I know it be hard on her brother and sisters and
step son..
But they have to remember I will be a friend to
them as long as they want.
Rest in peace Sue . You and Jim are back together

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Kathy Weisman

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