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Why did this happen?

by Kathy Weisman.........................................

But Why did this happen. We may never know.
A Young man with so much anger building up inside of him
to kill his mother then take the lives of 20 little students
and their teachers.
Did someone do something to harm or threaten this guy, we will
never know..
What do the parents say to these little ones who were not harmed?
Only God loves them and protected them that day. And show them all
the love they need at this time.
What do you say to the parents of the little ones who were murdered
by this person that we will never know for what reason for doing this.Just remember you children and eventho their lives were cut
short will be looking down from above waiting for you to some
day join them. they will have smiles on their faces as they see you
in your daily chores..And memory of you till you met again.
What do we say to the citizens of Newtown- that God is watching over
them. That he is sending them the wisdom and faith to help the parents of these little ones in the coming hours, days, weeks , months and years.
We will never know what these kids could had been then they grown up,to be a fireman, a teacher, a nurse or even the President
The families of these teachers should take pride that the ones who
did not make it will be consider heros for protecting the little ones
The teachers who protected the others should be given " Gold Stars"
for what they did to protect the unharmed kids.
As for the person who did this act, hopefully it will make this
Nation more aware what we do need " gun Control" that people who
are mentally ill should be unable to handle guns.. But that is the
But for now just Sing the song " Silent Night" it seems to be the
proper song to honor this victims at this time of year.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Kathy Weisman

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