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My Howard

by Kathleen Bryant.........................................

Howard was the gentlest, kindest and most honest person I ever knew. He was decent and honorable and caring to all.

Howard felt all life was sacred. He helped me to save many stray animals and helped me nurse them back to health. The animals all trusted Howard and loved him.

Howard was so gentle he would not even kill an insect. He told me, "You can politely ask the insect to leave and if it doesn't, you can leave!" I love that. It is so completely Howard.

When Howard was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, his concern was so much less for himself than for those who loved him. He didn't want them to worry or be sad that he was ill. He bravely accepted his illness and gave his all to try to recover so those who loved him would have hope.

I feel Howard was one of God's special souls here on Earth to bring joy and comfort to others. Howard's concern was always for others and not himself.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Kathleen Bryant

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