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Clyde Byrns - My world

by Judy Bubb.........................................

Clyde Trafford Byrns 22 January 1987 - 7 July 2013

South Africa saw him as yet another murder statistic
One man saw him as just another meaningless life
I saw that same man as my world

He walked into my life and proved to me that knights in shining armour and love at first sight really do exist.

As we grow up we are realise that fairy tales with "once upon a time" aren't real, that its just a fantasy world, but every woman still secretly hopes that they are real - I was one of them

I actually got to live that fairy tale we all dreamt of as kids, only problem is...mine didn't end with "happily ever after".
We went from planning our wedding one night to me planning his funeral with his family the next...

As it turns out God only borrows us his angels...

This one man not only taught me the most valuable lessons in life but some of the most humorous ones as well...

Its all about the small things in life. All the money in the world cannot buy you those things, those moments or those memories

My weakness for oreo mcflurry can and will be used against me

True love and love at first sight really does exist

My theory that I don't need to know how to cook to be able to find a good man because a good man will cook for me was actually right - my mom didn't appreciate the "I told you so" moment

Mcguyver moves are always possible with a trusty "mcguyver kit" and a buffer knife.

You know his your soul mate when his not just your boyfriend or lover but most of all your best friend who actually does know you better than you know yourself to the point he insists that you admit to it. When finding out that his actually a chess playing, die hard star wars fan actually makes him even more attractive

Treasure every little moment, take as many pictures and videos as you can

Your beer is his beer

Always say I love you, no matter how angry you are

Watching the sunrise at the top of a hill is more amazing and romantic than in the movies - even in the heart of winter

When telling a story, its alright to say "the other day" even if it happened 3 months ago

Ambitions, dreams and imagination are actually vital

With all the love, laughter and good times will come heated arguments and screaming matches - it actually does make the bond stronger, because if neither of you didn't care it wouldn't be worth fighting for

It is OK to go to bed angry - just as long as you know neither of you will sleep. Its easier to sort things out when both of you have had time to calm down

Being apart of a close family is every bit as amazing as I had imagined it to be

Gran is also a hero and can actually be put into the same class as batman, superman or spiderman

Date nights are every night

Because "I love you" is an actual valid reason, excuse and answer

You can have absolutely NO money and still be the happiest you have ever been

One pair of cargo pants can actually be that irreplaceable, that its justified to sulk until gran can patch them...AGAIN

Life isn't about your background or where you come from, its about where your going and where you want to be

And most importantly -
Stand up and fight for what you believe in

Even if its the last thing you do

In the end the justice system valued his life at 15 years
He is still just a meaningless life to that one man
And I still see that same man was my world

Trail finally ended 20 May 2015

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Judy Bubb

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