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Tribute To My Oldest Sister

by Judi Eckes.........................................

Tribute To My Oldest Sister

Karyn, my oldest sister,
though half, it may be true...
will forever leave her mark on me;
she is gone, now, too.

She was my father's daughter
from a marriage before me...
after her mom came my mom,
by my dad we were bound, her and me.

Growing up I barely knew
those sisters - there were three.
My brother, my sister, and they, are siblings
and six, over time, has decreased.

I lost my oldest sister
this past summer, far away...
though we only knew each other recently,
the pain is here to stay.

I am the youngest sister,
and feel so lost and sad...
my sister, tender heart she was;
injustice made her mad.

In recent years we grew closer,
the computer made this so...
God bless computers, I have to say...
without them I wouldn't know.

Karyn always teased me
about being the youngest...she'd say
I should "listen to {my} elders",
and I'd say, "olders, you mean, by the way!"

We laughed, we cried, we raced time,
to catch up the times we had lost.
The oldest, the youngest, so much alike,
in different families we were caught.

My sister collected figurines
of frogs, so cute and whimsical;
she had a collection of windchimes, too
of which I also find magical.

She made me laugh, she made me cry,
she had a life I didn't know.
We shared so much, yet knew so little...
it didn't matter, though.

I also collect figurines,
though deer, cats, and dolphins are mine.
One of her windchimes hangs on my stairs,
with each breeze my sis crosses time.

Now, cats, we both had in common,
though I have so many more!
And computers, she taught a little to me;
her graphics I have on pc, stored.

A sister too long not known,
a sister so much like me...
a sister gone forever,
but not in cherished memory.

'For memory cannot be taken,
unless I fall prey to disease;
like so many have before me,
and then, I, too, will cease.

I remember small little snippets
of smiles over the phone;
all of our conversations online
are saved, in a folder, alone.

I wish, once again, for so many things,
I wonder what would have been?
There always is that last, lonesome wish
"If only her, once again, I could have seen."

Karyn, you made an impression
upon my heart and soul...
sis, I will always carry you close,
the part of you, you gave, made me whole.

I remember how you'd tell me
what a good mom I was...
thank you. I always worried about that,
but you made it ok, and you knew.

Sister, the months fly right past me,
your memory crisp and fresh...
but I thank God today, and everyday,
with you as my sis, I've been blessed.

I do wish we had been closer...
if only there were more time.
That always is the beseeching;
the hardest of things to find.

Karyn, I know someday I will find you,
and we'll have that time...
but for now, I can only imagine
what would have been, could have been, fine.

Karyn, I love you, my sister,
Karyn, I miss you so much!
Ages ago I last hugged you,
but I never forgot your touch.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Judi Eckes

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