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March 5 2015

by Joe Parks.........................................

March 5, 2015

Three years today dear
You slipped from my life
My best friend, my soulmate
My precious wife

The thing that I feared most
Has not come to pass
That I would forget you
That love might not last

But nothing has changed dear,
All is intact
We're closer than ever
As a matter of fact

I still smell your perfume
As I enter our room
A pleasant surprise
To chase out the gloom

Your slippers still wait
By the bed where you sleep
Sometimes I hold them
While gently I weep

When I walk through your garden
Our love comes alive
The joy that you planted
Will always survive

The fruit on your trees
abundant and sweet
That brings thoughts of love
Whenever I eat

The flowers you grow
I place by your bedside
They're pretty as you are
My most dearest bride

You still bring me gifts
Just like you use to
I can still hear you say
"A surprise here for you"

Sunday's for you dear
I call Mother's Day
We still make your dinner
In your special way

We honor the love
The way that you taught
Your devotion to family
Will not be forgot

The thing that I'm sure of
And this I will do
Live the rest of my life
In honor of you

Love Joe

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Joe Parks

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