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Daddy Isn't Home

by Jeanne Fiedler.........................................

One day at dinnertime
Daddy wasn't home
My mother looked so sad
She looked so all alone

I said, "Where's my daddy?"
She looked at me and cried
She said, I'm sorry honey
Your daddy has just died!

I said, "What do you mean?"
"How could that ever be?"
She sadly looked at me and said
It's not my fault, you see

Daddy got sick and went on
to the place where dying folk go
I know you're going to miss him
I know you loved him so

You are so much like him
You love cars just like he
You have his sense of humor
and love the boats and sea

You'll grow up to be his son
No matter if he's gone
He'll still be with you watching
playing ball out on the lawn

And you will see him I feel
When you go on and die
We will all meet together
In the rainbow sky

Where the heavenly rainbow is
You will always feel his love
He is an angel watching you
From the great sky above

So when you're sad and miss him
and cry and feel bad sometimes
Remember all the fun you had
And how he was good and kind

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Jeanne Fiedler

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