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No matter the Size Never Give Up

by Isa Perez.........................................

Of course you wish it'll never happen, that you'll always see this loving face each morining you wake.But unfortunatly it does. Pet will come and go like friends but there is always one with a story to tell.

My hamster Teddy Bear was never anything special or amazing with super pet strength or anything but he was MY pet and i love him to him to the end.He was dark golden brown with grey floppy ears and a cute pink feet and toes.He was born or atleast we estimate on June 1,2007 3 weeks before i got him on the 21.I was just getting out of 4th grade and i could not remeber a time that i was ever happier.With eyes bright and mouth spread in a grin i excitedly walked into the pet store hands tingling as i waited for the soft bundle of fur to reach me.When i did buy him i had no intention of thinking of his death just the happy times we would spend. So the story continues as we take him home and he continues to grow and age as we all do at some point.As i predicted we spend the best times together ,crawling around indoor and out sometimes, feeding him salad and treats but then a horrible tragidy comes,My dad passes away leaving me and my family grieving and i seek comfort in Teddy my beloved pet.

So a year passes and he lives on running on his hamster wheel and what not.However friday night my sister pionts out a strange bump on his leg that i didnt know about.It look normal not swelling in sight and skin perfectly pnk as usual so we go on thinking nothing of it. But as the month goes by it just gets worse his leg increasing in size until about the size of two keyboard keys wide.As i return from a trip to Sly Park it is not any better and it looks purple and pink ,not good.Mom and i and my brother go to the vt to see what is wrong.I had a pang in my stomach as we approuched the docters office the little yellow shoe box in hand.As we wait in the waiting room my greatest fear has arrived ,we're called in.We wait a couple more minutes though as he is taken in and examined.Just as i think i cant get worse it does.As the words come out i strugle not to cry hiding it,Teddy has cancer.She says there is nothing to worrry about for now as he is old anyway ,1 1/2, and rodent are prone to cancers anywere even in the leg like Teds. She gives us medice that is supposed to sooth the pain and we head home.Days later i cant get the thought to go away "When will he leave us? Is he ok? Will he make it past this month?" I dont feel like answering them though cuase as always no one can predict the future so i think "Dont worry he's lived his life and it was good." Few day later i clean his cage outside and let him run around on the floor before putting him in the bottom less cage.To my amazment he climbs to the second floor of his cage by the ladder that is not on the ground and on the side literaly pulling himself up with nothing but arm.And the next thing i know hes made it to the top floor.If you tink size matters to whoevers saying you're wrong.Even the littest person can reach great heights.

No matter you're size ,tall or short, Fat and skinny, Or whatever else is there pet loves you Mutt or not, Tame and wild.Just give them love and you'll get it right back.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Isa Perez

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