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Family Tribute to Rita

by Harry .........................................

For Rita
I’ve been crying unexpectedly for me
For part of me is gone
But we never dwelled in sadness
We knew that life goes on

She would not want anyone to cry
But I know some will succumb
I was there for her last sigh
Which left me feeling numb

It was pointed out she was my rock
And my island of retreat
Although her passing was a shock
I pray again that we will meet

Now that death has claimed her
The gap can never be filled
But when she sees us all together
I know she will be thrilled

I see the light shine in her eyes
And I see her little smile
I feel her hand upon me
And she is resting for a while


Rita had an extensive list of friends extending all over London because of her affiliations with various organisations within the city.

She visited many if not all the city churches and has been known to beat the bounds and loved to partake in any of these events with great enthusiasm.
I was there with the background accompaniment and helped where I could. She told her friends I was her toy boy because she was 5 years older than me.
She used to say this with great merriment to her friends all over and could converse positively through all standings of society. Her confidence was an anchor for me and somehow we always managed to overcome our problems.

She loved all her children equaly and although not children any more, I am sure they are all aware of it..

She filled our lives with historic events by visiting palaces, castles, the hinges with the odd brewery tour which was one of my favourites. She even went north to board an old trawler where I was once a fisherman. Together was what we did best.

She was a wife and a mother
And her family all love her
But it was best when gave you a smile.

Harold her beloved husband

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Harry

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