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Hes gone

by Emily .........................................

My story is about me, Emily, and my daily grieving with my dads death. My dad was not the healthest in the world, he had Type 1 Diabetes. The struggle for him to get up every morning and live was hard enough on him, let alone my mom. She was always there for him and cared soo much for him up until the end. It was the 26th of November,I went to school as usall and he went to his dialasis as usall. He was home when i got home and tehn we talked about my day at school, as usall. Then it was time for me to go to my dance class and i got home around 8:00. Whenever i got home from my dance classes i would say "goodnite dad I'll see you in morning." My dad was alseep, so i left him be. Leaving him be i had a snack and tehn went to bedd at roughly 8:30. At 9:00, I awoke to find my dogs going crazy, barking and trying to get out of my room. So I pushed them out of the way of teh door and opened it enough to let myself out to see what was going on. I was completly frozen in shock, pain, and total agony. My beloved Dad was lying on teh floor with EMT'S working on him. I started to cry. And I wont get in to more of that situation, but i still to this very day regret the fact of not saying goodnight to my father. I feel guily and horrible and this has reflected on my faith in God, or whoever else you belive in. I am angry all of the time and the fact becuase you think that it could happen to your Dad or Mom. But the truth of this situstion is the fact that it happens all of teh time, to everyone in this world. It is sad and unnerving, but like my Science teacher says "It's the Life Cycle."

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Emily

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