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My Unforgetable First Love

by Edria Edria.........................................

You always in my heart..
You always in my mind..
I love you so much..

I always said that i love you..
I always said that i need you..
I always said that i miss you..
That's true..

You said that you love me, need me, miss me..
But..i dont believe you..
Because you made my heart so hurt..
You left me alone..
You have gone with your new girl..

I always thinking about you..
I always thinking about your mistakes..
I can't forget your face..
I can't forget how you said, "I LOVE U"
I can't forget how you left me alone..

I very hurt..
I always feel sad if i remember about you..
I always feel down if i remember that you dont love me again..
I feel very sad..

I wanna angry with you..
I try to hate you..
I try to forget you..
But it's not useful..

I can't forget you..
I love you..
You loved me..
Our memorials will be always stay in my heart..

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Edria Edria

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