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My Papa

by Devan Seibel.........................................

My Papa
My Papa was funny and carring loveing and all ways there he was 93 years old and was so full of life and love he had no hate in his heart and would not put you aside for anyone and was like a father to me he cared for me as if I was his kid.I am 15 but I was 14 when he died and when I heared he died I could not belive he did and then my Grandma (Mema) called me and tolled me adn when I heared her say it I fell and I could not breath and then I thouht do not cry you have to be there for Abbie and all the oyher kids and Papa would be waching me and I did not whant him to see me cry i had to be so strong! I miss my Papa and I have not gone a day where I have not taked or thouht about my Papa and so I just want to say love your familys.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Devan Seibel

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