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An Angel goes home

by Debra Jones.........................................

Aug 22 1989 - Dec.02 2007

The Lord looked for an angel that cold December night,
And he wasn't going to stop until he found one that was right.
For it would soon be Christmas, there was so much to be done,
So His angels gathered 'round Him and He spoke to every one.

The angel that I'm searching for, has love so deep and pure,
A heart so large and giving, she deserves to be up here.
She'll have to have a bit of spunk, a sense of humor too,
And faith, oh yes, she must have faith, in everything I do.

It did not take them long, before their search was at an end,
"she'll need some time to say goodbye", the angels said to Him.
"I'll grant her peace of mind", He said, "before I bring her home,
I'll give her time to say good bye, to the family that she's known".

" I told her Earthly parents, on the day that she arrived,
That I would want her back one day, to be here, by my side."
"Oh thank you Lord", her parents said, in prayers to me each night,
"We know she's still Your child, but we'll try to raise her right".

"And did they?" asked the angels, "did they teach her good from bad?"
"Of course they did", God said to them, " and what a time they had!!"
"of all the little children, I could have left with them,
I left the kind of child, that would test them to the end."

" and did they pass the test, oh Lord, or did they just give up?"
"they passed each test I gave them, and they did it all with love."
" and when the times got harder, as they so often do,
Did her mother or her father, ever turn their backs on you?"

"never for a moment, did they turn away from me,
They trusted that I loved them, and what will be, will be.
So tonight I'll take her home with me, but they won't be alone,
I'll leave behind her memory, to linger in their home.

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Debra Jones

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