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In loving Memory of Cassandra Leann Carter

by Courtany Gooderham.........................................

In loving Memory of Cassandra Leann Hammonds Carter

It's been a year already since you left without saying goodbye
A year of change and memories, a year of asking why.
You left behind a newborn babe, a five year old and a two
With questions hard to answer, about where their mom went to
You left behind a Husband, with a grieving, heavy heart
Not knowing how to answer, or even how to start
You left behind a mom and dad, brothers and sister too
You left behind a lot of friends, not knowing what to do
We cannot change that fateful day that took you from our life
That took our hopes and dreams away, a mom, a daughter, and a wife
If tears could cure this heartache, then we would be ok
For you would be back here with us, each and every day
But you are with our Lord now, and all is not in vain
For you will fill his need now, according to his plan
And we are left with memories that death cannot take away
We will hold on to them tightly forever and a day
And we will tell your children, what the lord puts in our hearts
And try to answer the questions that tear us all apart
Little Logan wants to know why he can't be an angel too
Going to heaven would be ok, as long as he had you
And Brookelyn has the blue eyes, you always wanted in a child
Though you never got to see them, I know they'd make you smile
Jessilyn tries so very hard to fill her mommy's shoes
To take care of her Daddy and her brother and sister too
I know you would be proud of them if you could only see
Your babies are all ok, I'm keeping them with me
And we will tell them stories about their Mommies love
And how she always watches them from her home above.

We Love You and Miss You

Comments would be appreciated by the author, Courtany Gooderham

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